Glee final season

I’m so ready to see the last season of @gleeonfox so exited!!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ hope you like this dress I made for the first two episodes take on me, love this song. Omg I can’t believe it will be the last.



What are my top Four artists?

Well for starters I have a lot of artists that make me want to draw, or give me inspiration. The first is Nicki Minaj, since I have known her I get more creative, she’s extravagant and has her own style, and I love her a lot. Her features are in songs are dope, her albums including “The Pink Print” is magical to me. The second is Ariana Grande, this girl is everything, she’s adorable and her voice is exceptional and makes me feel vibrations in my body, and make me create amazing work. The third is Taylor Swift, I love her because of her way of singing and this new album she has put out got me all crazy about her, wow “1989” is one of my favorite. The fourth is Katy Perry, I have always loved her, she’s fun and sugary, lol! I mean Katy is beautiful and she calls us KatyKats and it happens I love cats, Katy’s voice is very beautiful her song “Unconditionally” got me all excited and got me a lot of ideas. It’s not only those, I have more but right now I focus on these ladies.